Trip to Valencia in times of COVID

Despite the pandemic, I went on a short trip to Valencia. Here’s a 3-day itinerary you can follow if you ever visit this beautiful city!

Trip to Belgium: My Birthday Surprise!

My boyfriend bought me a surprise trip for my birthday – I only found out I was going to Belgium when I was already at the airport! I revisited cities like Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent and visited Leuven for the first time. Best gift ever!

Trip to Meteora: Road Trip Across Mainland Greece

In order to celebrate Carlos’s and my birthday, we decided to book some holidays and go on a road trip adventure in mainland Greece. We went with no expectations, but these places really surprised us a lot and this ended up being one of my favorites trips ever in Europe!

Road Trip Across the Glamorous French Riviera

Alejandro and I went on a road trip adventure with two friends across the French Riviera. Explore the glamorous Côte D’Azure region with us and find out more about cities like Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes or Avignon.

Trip to Cologne: Charming Germany

One month after visiting Berlin, I went back to Germany to visit Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn. These cities have that European old charm that Berlin lacks!

Trip to Berlin: Another Brick in the Wall

My boyfriend and I traveled to Berlin in Germany on Valentine’s Day. We also went to a Twenty One Pilot concert and a football match while we were there!

Trip to the USA: The Land of Uncle Sam

I travelled to the USA to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family in Atlanta. I also went to the beach in Miami, to the amusement parks in Orlando!

Trip to Greece: The Ancient Land of Gods

I went to Greece with my boyfriend and visited Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos for a week. It’s a country with amazing views and amazing history!

Euro Trip Across Central Europe

A real euro trip for 11 days, across Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), and Budapest (Hungary). Amazing!

Trip to Rome: Team Building Event in Italy

I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy for a team building event. It was my first time in Rome and I had a lot of fun getting to know the city!

Trip to Morocco: Stargazing in the Sahara Desert

In my trip to Morocco my boyfriend and I visited Fez and Marrakech, both with amazing souks and colorful souvenirs, went on a camel ride in the Sahara desert and spent the night strargazing in the middle of the desert!

Trip to Poland: From North to South

This trip to Poland was demanding but amazing – 5 places in 5 days: beautiful Gdansk, modern Warsaw, elegant Krakow, sad Auschwitz and colorful Wroclaw!

Skydiving in Sicily, an Amazing Experience!

I went to Sicily with my boyfriend, in the south of Italy. We stayed in Catania, visited Palermo, and did skydiving in Siracusa. What an amazing experience! Another thing ticked off from my bucket list.

Trip to Marseille: In the South of France

I went on a trip to Marseille for two days, in the south of France. It is a city with many contrasts, with both beautiful and ugly areas, but overall very interesting!

Trip to Portugal: Being a Tourist in my own Country

This trip to Portugal was to show my country to my boyfriend. We went to my hometown Paredes, Penafiel, Porto, Braga, Guimarães, and the capital, Lisbon. I really felt like a tourist!

Living in Malta, a Mediterranean Jewel!

Back in 2017 I decided to change my life completely and move to Malta. I didn’t know anything about this country and my initial plan was to stay just for 2 months, but I’m still living here after all this time! It’s a small island, but very interesting and multicultural.

Trip to Azores: A Little Piece of Portugal

I went on a trip to S. Miguel island, in Azores. It was the first Portuguese island I’ve ever visited. This little piece of Portugal is beautiful, with its happy cows and green hills!

Trip to Belgium: Exploring Ghent Alone

I traveled alone for the first time ever, in a safe familiar country that I had visited before. I re-visited Brussels and discovered Ghent and Antwerp.

Road Trip from Porto to Sevilla

I went on a road trip adventure with two friends from Porto to Sevilla. We drove for more than 800 km, with a quick stop in Algarve on our way back!

Trip to Scandinavia: From Denmark to Sweden

In this trip I managed to visit both Copenhagen, in Denmark, and Malmo, in Sweden, due to the geographic proximity. A cold but unforgettable experience!

Trip to Milan: Contrasts in the North of Italy

In this trip I visited the north of Italy: the cosmopolitan and stressful Milan and the beautiful and romantic Verona. Two cities very close to each other, but with a lot of contrasts!

Trip to Brazil: From Rio, with Love!

In this trip to Brazil I visited the north – Recife, Olinda, and Porto de Galinhas – and then I flew to the most beautiful city ever, Rio de Janeiro!

Trip to Salamanca: Traveling for Work!

In this trip I had the opportunity to fulfill a dream and travel for work for the first time, to do a training in Valladolid for 2 weeks. I also visited Salamanca while I was there!

Trip to Bruges: The Fairy-tale City

In this trip I visited two Belgium cities: Bruges and Brussels. My favorite was definitely Bruges, a charming medieval town that reminded me of fairy tales!

Trip to Madrid: Twice in a Year!

My boyfrind at the time was doing ERASMUS in Murcia, and when I visited him, I stopped in Madrid. I was also there a few months before, so twice in a year!

Trip to Frankfurt: Post-War Germany

In this trip I visited Frankfurt, a city with many contrasts: old monuments destroyed by the war and new and modern buildings coexisting side by side.

Road Trip Across Portugal

I went on a road trip across Portugal and drove to cities like Evora, Alcobaca, Sintra… This amazing experience made me fall even more in love with my country!

Trip to Barcelona: In the city of Gaudí

In this trip I visited Barcelona, the city of Gaudi. I went to Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell, Barrio Gotico, among other things. It’s an amazing city!

Trip to Paris: In the City of Lights

I spent New Year’s Eve with my siblings in Dijon, France. It was my first trip abroad ever and I went alone. We went to Paris for a weekend. I loved it!