Cool Clothespins DIY Project Ideas

Wooden clothespins have a variety of other crafty uses, not only for hanging the wash. They can be used for a variety of cute and creative stuff, such as planters, mirrors, and so on. These wooden pegs crafts are super cheap and easy to make!

Things you can do with Clothespins


clothespins planter

If you have an indoor small plant, consider these beautiful planters as inspiration. They’re really easy to make. All you need is some tuna cans and clothespins to clip around the cans!

Birthday Wall Calendar

Clothespins Birthday Wall Calendar

Another cool idea is to create a birthday calendar with clothespins. You can use this as a way not to forget any birthdays ever again!


Clothespins Lampshade

Lampshades and candles can improve the look and feel in your room. You don’t need to spend money on candle holders or lampshades. This one looks stunning too and will fit perfectly to every bedroom.


Clothespins Holder

For your scarf collection, you can make a clothespin holder. It’s a simple project which you’ll make the most of for a long time!


Clothespins Organizers

Use these organizers to keep track of homework or work assignments. You can also embelish them using washi tape, as I explained in a previous post here in the blog.


Clothespins Wreath

You too can make a beautiful wreath like this with clothespins. All you need to do is paint it and add some nice shells!


Clothespins Surprises

These hidden messages would work great as little notes left on desks or for treasure hunts. Or perhaps you want to surprise your boyfriend! Any way, these are quick and easy gifts for all!


Clothespins Mirror

Add a nice touch to your living room with a clothespin mirror. If you prefer a more glamourous vibe, you can paint it gold and you’ll get a completely different result!

Jewelry Box

Clothespins Jewelry Box

If you have your jewelry all over the place, why not making of these cute little jewelry boxes? Just cover the bottom part and that’s it!


Clothespins Trivet

You’ll need around 24 clothespins for one trivet. You can paint them if you want but before this you need to take them apart. You’ll then be arranging them to form a circle, gluing them together. Easy!

Headphone Organizer

Clothespins Headphone Organizer

How cute and convenient is this headphone organizer? Just use two clothespins and glue them together. If you want, you can paint them to make them look nicer!

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Clothespins Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Pin up items to be kept out of sight, such as rubber gloves, sponges, and plastic bags, on the inside of a cabinet door. If your cabinets aren’t metal, use hot glue to directly glue the clothespins to the cabinet!

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