Guitar for Beginners

Fingerpicking Exercises to Improve your Technique

Fingerpicking is the use of one’s fingers to pluck the strings instead of using a pick. Practice some patterns with these 28 fingerpicking exercises!

Chord Noodling: Creating Cool Melodies from Chords

Chord noodling is a way to embellish guitar chords with melodies. For every key, there is a set of notes that complement each other – learn to choose them!

tune a guitar

How To Properly Tune a Guitar

Now that you are on your way to playing, it’s important to learn how to tune a guitar. Learn which tuner to buy and how to tune the guitar to itself!

how to strum a guitar

How to Master Guitar Strumming

Strumming the guitar can be frustrating if you are not shown the proper way to master some basic guitar rhythm skills. Here are some exercises for you!

How to Read and Play Guitar Chord Charts

Learn to read guitar chord charts and practice open chords! Remember to play on your fingertips, respect the specified fingering, and it all will pay off!

Guitar Dexterity Exercises for Beginners

Find here some useful guitar exercises for dexterity for beginners. Practice and learn how to get your fingers to do what you want them to do!

How to Read a Guitar Tab for Beginners

A guitar tab shows you the strings and frets that are to be played, as well as some techniques that are to be applied. Learn how to read a guitar tab now!

Time to Learn the Musical Alphabet!

No matter what your goals are as a guitarist, knowing the musical alphabet and the notes will be a huge help to take your play to the next level!

Guitar Anatomy, Let’s Discover It!

If you’re about to start learning how to play the guitar, it really helps to know the basic anatomy of the guitar. Find out what’s what now!

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